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  • Tomás
    I never thought that I would have lost weight up to 70 kg. My weight has always been a good one for 100, and this I did not care, until the beginning of a bad heart. Reversing the fasting and other harmful to health, and diet, I tried the capsules Keto Diet with the ketogenic diet and not lost. The weight went off without a hitch, and the feeling of hunger was not, on the contrary, I was even better than usual!
    Keto Diet
  • Mariana
    Lost in these capsules of 13 kg for a couple of months. I think that the result is good, there is still something to work with, but fast enough to lose weight – is harmful to health, and here everything is carried out smoothly and in an invisible way, only to eat and lose weight.
    Keto Diet
  • Leonor
    The best way that I have tried, weight-rooted and does not grow, even if now I and I leave candy or chocolate. Is success losing weight nearly double, in this case – very easily, almost without changes in welfare.
    Keto Diet
  • Matilde
    Eat and lose weight – as you can? Apparently, yes, if you drink capsules Keto Diet. You can, of course, only protein and fat, but starving yourself does not feel. At the beginning a little unusual way of eating, but you get used to pretty quickly.
    Keto Diet
  • Diogo
    Keto-diet – in and of itself a good thing, but with these capsules, process nearly two-times accelerated. Yes, and at the beginning, only when you sit on a diet, there is no weakness, the body once rebuilt, and the fat begins to burn.
    Keto Diet
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